WorldTimer Themes - FAQ

Q1: How do I set the time zones?
A1: You don't have to! I automatically knows which time zone you are in as long as you have set it correctly in your device.

Q2: How do I read the time at different cities?
A2: The black and white ring with numbers from 1-23 rotates as time passes. Simply look at the middle of the city you are interested in and see the time on the ring.

Q3: How do I change theme?
A3: Swipe left for next theme and right for previous theme.

Q4: How do I know which theme is active?
A4: There are two indicators: One below the center of the clock that show an icon and a second one just above the clock center showing a whit dot for the selected one.

Q5: Why is my second hand red?
A5: When the second hand is red it means that it will not sleep. Triple tap on the clock to toggle back to normal to save battery.

Q6: How do I change between Hometime and UTC/GMT?
A6: Double tap on the clock and the outer ring will toggle between Hometime and UTC/GMT. When Hometime is active you can easily see the time difference from you current time zone When UTC/GMT is active you can easily see the time difference from UTC/GMT (Greenwich).

Q7: What is the yellow dot next to some city names?
A7: It shows that those cities currently observe Daylight Saving Time. This is updated automatically so you always see the correct time.

Q8: How can I set the clock to always be on, like when I have it on my desk?
A8: Triple tap on the clock. The second hand turns red when "Always On" is active.

Q9: How do I see the opening and closing time for the stock exchanges?
A9: Each stock exchange has a different color. For example New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is blue on the city ring. On the 24 hour ring there is a blue line indicating when it is open (9:30 - 16:00).

Q10: What are the four stock exchanges?
A10: They are as follow:

  • London Stock Exchange - LSE in green
  • New York Stock Exchange - NYSE in blue
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange - TSE in red
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange - HKEX in orange

Q11: How do I show the help page?
A11: Tap on the (i) in the upper left corner. Tap it or the help page to close it.



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