Take the lead in any social occasion
Never feel speachless ever again

Easy to read question cards   All categories have their own card picture   It is easy to add your own category
  You can add and edit your own questions   Share your favourite questions with Facebook or Twitter
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  • Never feel awkward in any social setting if you prepare with TalkCards
  • Can be used before the event or during it as a social game
  • Can also prepare you for that important job interview
  • Very easy to use with natural movements, easy settings and intuitive interface for adding questions and categories

TalkCards will make you feel comfortable in any social event. Never feel speechless again with over 2000 questions in your pocket. Use it to prepare yourself before an event or as a ice breaker during the event. Get to know your friends or date better or make your relationships stronger. It can also be used for self improvement: can you answer all the questions yourself?

Questions can easily be shared on Facebook and Twitter.



Did you know?

Designed for both iPhone 5 and older devices

You can select from 17 categories of questions

There are over 2000 questions to talk about!

Its easy to share questions on Facebook and Twitter

You can add you own questions and categories for your own, personal experience

Questions can be rated so you can show only the ones you like

You can change the background to suit your style