Pocket Watch Tourbillon

The Modern Pocket Watch
Loaded with functionality

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  • Very practical functions like time zones, alarm and stopwatch
  • Enthusiast functions with sonnerie, minute repeater and moon phase
  • Very easy to adjust time zones and alarm
  • All functions visible at the same time

With Pocket Watch Tourbillon you can own your own pocket watch full of functions inspired by the complications from the finest mechanical watches. There are practical functions available for your busy days, like full day/date/month, three additional time zones, alarm and stopwatch. Complementing that are some more functions for enthusiasts; indicators for day/night, moon phase and leap year. To fully satisfy the most fanatic enthusiast there is also a minute repeater, grande/petite sonnerie and a tourbillon that indicates the seconds.

All functions are visible at the same time and can easily be set by a double tap.

A must have for the true watch enthusiast!


Complete list of functions/complications (23 in total)

  • Hours and Minutes (orange hands on central dial)
  • Time Zone West (upper left dial)
  • Time Zone East (upper right dial)
  • 24 Hour Stopwatch (lower left dial, red hands)
  • 24 Hour Alarm (lower right dial, blue hands)
  • GMT or Home Time (green hand on main dial)
  • Perpetual Calendar with:
    • Date (two disc at 12 o clock)
    • Day (at 9 o clock)
    • Month (at 3 o clock)
    • Leap Year Indicator
  • Day/Night Indicators
    • For local time (at 12 o clock)
    • For Time Zones, Stopwatch and Alarm in dials showing 12/00
  • Moon phase Indicator (at 6 o clock)
  • GMT Offset with hours from GMT
  • Minute Repeater
  • Sonnerie
    • Petite Sonnerie
    • Grande Sonnerie
    • Silent
  • Power Reserve Indicator with Always On indicator
  • Moving Tourbillon that indicates seconds



Did you know?

You can see four time zones at the same time

Stopwatch continues to run even when you leave the App

Alarm goes off even if the App is not running (if set to ON)

The sub dials changes to easy identify day/night

Stunning graphics and icons for iPhone 4

It can automatically tell the time every 15 minutes with the nice sounding Sonnerie

All gears and hands move as they do in a real mechanical watch

It can be set to be always on to be used in a dock on your desk