Pocket Watch Tourbillon - FAQ

Q1: How do I set the time zones?
A1: Double touch in the Time Zone dial you want to change and then you can adjust +/- hours and +/- 30 minutes. To set the GMT/Home Time double touch in the middle of the main dial.

Q2: How do I set the alarm?
A2: Double touch the Alarm dial and then adjust +/- hours and +/- minutes.

Q3: How do I enable/disable the alarm?
A3: First double tap on the Alarm dial and then single tap in the middle. The small indicator between 4 and 5 o clock will change between off and on for each single tap.

Q4: How to I silent the alarm?
A4: Double tap on the Alarm dial. This will also silent any Sonnerie and Minute Repeater.

Q5: Will the alarm go off even if the App is not running?
A5: Yes, if your device is running iOS 4. You can check which version you have in the device in Settings under General - About - Version.

Q6: What does the green hand show?
A6: When you run the App for the first time it shows Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). You can change this to any time zone that you want, like your home time if you are traveling and set the local time to something else.

Q7: How do I read the GMT hand?
A7: It is a 24 hour hand with midnight at 6 o clock normal time. In that way it will show 12:00 at 12 o clock for the normal time. There are indicators in green showing the GMT time at 3, 6 and 9 o clock and in the sub dials.

Q8: How can I set the clock to always be on, like when I have it on my desk?
A8: Double click on the Power Reserve dial and a red indicator will show that it is always on. Double click again to return to normal.

Q9: How do I activate the Minute Repeater?
A9: Tap once on the Sonnerie dial.

Q10: How do I select the Sonnerie?
A10: Double tap on the Sonnerie dial. It will switch between silent, Petite Sonnerie and Grande Sonnerie.

Q11: How to I operate the stopwatch?
A11: Tap on the Stopwatch. First tap starts it, second tap stops it, third tap resets it. The stopwatch will run even if you are not using the app.

Q12: What is the maximum time for the Stopwatch?
A12: 24 hours. After that it will continue to run as if it was just started from 0, but you will have to keep track of the number of times it has reached 24 hours.

Q13: How does the GMT Offset dial work?
A13: It indicates hours from GMT for the local time (the orange hands).

Q14: How do I set the local time?
A14: This is done by changing the time on your device. Apple does not allow any App to change the device's time.

Q15: How can I tell the time from the Minute Repeater and Sonnerie?
A15: They work in a similar way. The Minute Repeater and Grande Sonnerie announce the time in the same way. First one dong per hours, then one ding/dong for every 15 minutes and then a ding for every minute left. So the time 16:17 would sound like dong - dong - dong - dong - ding/dong - ding - ding.

Q16: What is the difference between the Grande and Petite Sonnerie?
A16: They both tell the time every quarter on the quarter. The Grande announce hours and quarters while the Petite only announce hours on the hour, then only the quarters.


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