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  • Makes it easy and exciting for you to do your daily prayers
  • Flexible to suit your personal style and way of doing the Rosary
  • Practical as it is always with you
  • Keep you focused on where in the Rosary you are

The best-looking Rosary in the App Store is now here! With innovative, unique features and stunning artwork you can do your Rosary at ease, never forgetting where you are in the Rosary and what prayer to say.

An amazing simple display shows you at which decade and where in the decade you are. A bead marker can also be selected to indicate the current bead location. If you have an active, busy lifestyle it can estimate when the Rosary will be finished based on how you do your Rosary.

The Rosary seems alive when you select an audio and/or vibration* notification when you move the Rosary. A progress alert is available for those days when you need it.

It is so convenient to use, that you can easily do it with your eyes closed!

Create your perfect Rosary from an astonishing number of combinations!

Now available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

* Vibration only on the iPhone
1st generation iPod Touch have Audio through headphones

Did you know?

Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish

Stunning images with support for the Retina display of the iPhone 4

It informs you which Mysteries you should do today

It learns how long time it takes for you to do the Rosary so you can see if you have the time in your busy day to do the Rosary in peace

Beautiful identification of your current bead location and which prayer to recite

You can set sound and/or vibration notifications* if you want to do meditate with your eyes closed

You can choose if you want to do the Fatima Prayers and/or have the Mysteries announced

You easily move from one bead to the next by simply sliding the Rosary up or down

You can select from
11 types of Crosses
6 types of Links
11 types of Beads
6 types of Markers
32 different Backgrounds