My Rosary - FAQ

Q1: How do I get to the Settings menu?
A1: Double touch anywhere on the display and you will get the menu. From there you can touch the settings symbol (the one on the right hand side), resume the Rosary or restart the Rosary.

Q2: How do I restart the Rosary once I have finished it?
A2: Double touch anywhere on the display to get the Menu and then touch the restart symbol (the one on the left hand side). Rosay will be moved to the beginning and the Menu will go away.

Q3: How do I change between the different Info panels?
A3: Simply touch the panel (or the top of the screen if it is off). It will toggle between detailed mode, simple mode and off.

Q4: What are the different times displayed in the detailed Info panel?
A4: In the top left you have the current time, Lower left is when you started the Rosary and lower right is estimated end time based on how you use the Rosary.

Q5: What does the different dots in the Info panel represent?
A5: There are two sets of dots. The one with five dots show which decade you are in (for example 2 out of 5) and the one with ten dots shows which current Hail Mary you are in (example 5 of 10).

Q6: In the Settings I marked that I wanted Fatima prayers, but it never say Fatima Prayers in the display
A6: The display will say "O My Jesus", the starting phrase for the Fatima Prayer.

Q7:Why is the Estimated End Time showed even before the Rosary has started?
A7: It it showed so you will know when it will be finished if you would start right at this time. This will help users who have a busy lifestyle but don't want to compromise their time for the Rosary.

Q8: I have selected Vibration in the Rosary settings but dont feel any vibrations when I move the Rosary
A8: If you have selected Vibration the Rosary will vibrate when you move from one bead to the next. This works on the iPhone but not on the iPod Touch or iPad as they can not vibrate. If you have put your phone in silent mode it will only vibrate if you also have checked the Vibrate under Silent in the iPhone Sounds Settings.

Q9: Will the Rosary remember where I last left it in case I have to take a call?
A9: Yes it will.

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