The fastest labyrinth for the iPad
Can you handle the speed?


Fun factors

  • Two different themes with a total of 60 levels of fun and speed
  • Increasing difficulties so every one can play and be challenged
  • Over 50 achievements to track your progress and make it more fun to play over and over again and compete with your friends
  • 9 leader boards with scores for the different themes and levels


In Labby you shall navigate the ball through the windling tracks on time without getting it off track by high speed or too much tilt. Start with the easy levels and progress through the game to the hard and challenging levels. Being a good player will earn you achievements and your results will be posted on the leader boards so you can compete with your friends*. A fun game for the whole family and a great way to improve your fine motor and concentration skills. All levels are hand made for that realistic feeling of the real game.

* Currently only in combination with a Game Center account



Did you know?

Playable for small kids as well as adults with different levels of difficulty

No settings, it just works!

Game Center with achievements and leader boards

Over 50 achievements for added value and new challenges*

9 leader boards so you can compete with friends around the world*

60 levels in two themes

A good way to combine fun with development of fine motor skills and concentration