Labby - FAQ

Q1: How do I play Labby?
A1: The goal of the game is to get the ball from the start of the track to the end on time. You move the ball by tilting the iPad. If you tilt too much or the ball moves too fast in a curve it may get out of track and you have to start over.

Q2: What are the red and green bars in the top of the game?
A2: They show how much time you have left and how far you have come in the track. As long as the green bar is longer than the red one you will finish the level on time, just watch out to not derail!

Q3: What is the small numer next to the bars?
A3: It shows the number of credits you have. You can gain one credit by keeping a derailed ball on the screen for two seconds. If you have 25 credits or more you can skip a level without completing it. Maximum is 99 credits.

Q4: How do I reset the game?
A4: It is possible to reset the game highscores, cleared levels and achievements. Open your iPad settings and locate Labby under Apps. In there set "Show Reset Button" to ON. Start Labby and go to the settings from the main menu (indicated by a gear). You will now see the reset dialog. This will reset the achievements for the current Game Center user as well as the game highscores, achieved stars and unlocked levels. Leader boards will not be reset.

Q5: I can not see the Achievements and Leader Boards. What am I doing wrong?
A5: When you are logged in to Game Center you can see the Achievements and Leader Boards from the main menu by touching the trophy cup or podium respectively. If you are not logged in to Game Center they are not available.

Q6: I often play when I travel and dont have an Internet connection. Will my scores and achievement still be sent to Game Center?
A6: If you have logged in to Game Center and not logged out Labby will keep all your achievements and highscores. You can check your Game Center identity in the settings menu. In the middle of the screen it says "Hello" and your name if you are logged in. If not it will say "Hello Player".



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