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Increased Accuracy
Speedy Data Entry

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  • Makes it fun and easy to calculate your insulin doses
  • Suits you through easy to change settings
  • Always with you
  • Feel secure that your calculations are correct

With Insulin Dose Calculator Pro you can easily calculate your insulin dose. Entering data is easily done with just a touch on the pickers, increasing accuracy and speeding up data entry. Now with support for up to three different factor settings (Morning, Day & Evening) for which you can manual or automatic selection based on time of the day.

Studies shows that a calculation tool increases dose accuracy and improves HbA1c levels.

Highly configurable and super easy to use it will fit everybody from beginners to professionals. Several alerts can be set to make the user aware of situations that needs extra attention. All settings comes with an explanation for easy use.

Always consult your physician or diabetes clinic before use and please adjust the settings before using the calculator for the first time.


In Real Life

Used during breakfast       



Revision History
1.0 - First release
1.1 - Improved graphics and icons for the iPhone 4. Increased ranges for the Correction Factor and Carbohydrates Factor. A bug fix for calculation when using mg/dL that could give incorrect results.
1.2 - Now possible to have up to three Correction and Carbohydrates factors that can be choosen manually or automatically based in configurable times. Now also available in Swedish.


Did you know?

It supports both mmol/L and mg/dL

You can have up to three pairs of correction and carbohyrates factors

Automatic or Manual selection of Morning, Day and Evening factors

The last calculation you did will be displayed the next time you use the app

As soon as you change a setting, it is stored automatically

Now with improved graphics and icons for iPhone 4



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