Insulin Dose Calculator Pro - FAQ

Q1: Why do I have to set the Glucose and Carbohydrates factors before being able to calculate my insulin dose?
A1: These are two important variables in calculating your insulin dose, and they differs from person to person. If they are not set correctly, an inaccurate insulin dose would be calculated. That's why we don't provide a standard setting, as we can for some other parameters.

Q2: How is the Correction Factor working?
A2: The Correction Factor is used to calculate the Correction Dose if you have too high (or low) blood glucose. You should enter how much one unit of insulin will reduce your blood glucose level.
Example 3 mmol/L or 54 mg/dL.

Q3: Sometimes I get an alert sound, sometimes not, even if a warning is in the display. Why is that?
A3: The sound (and vibration if your device supports that) is only triggered once for every warning. Also check that you have not turned off the sound on your device!

Q4: What are the alarms?
A4: Hypoglycemia, Hypoglycemia together with Exercise, Ketones, Ketones together with Exercise, Max dose, Min dose (calculated dose below zero).

Q5: How does it compensate for Exercise?
A5: As per your settings in the Settings menu. You can choose from either percentage or units and values for light, medium and hard exercise. This is then deducted from the Meal Dose, but never to a negative value.

Q6: Why does some settings change when I change Blood Glucose Units?
A6: Some of the settings will change when you change between mmol/L and mg/dL and vice versa because they are depending on what unit you use. We change them automatically so you don't have to calculate them manually and enter them again.

Q7: What is the red circle with a number in it that I sometimes see over the app's icon?
A7: This is the number of alerts from the last time you used the calculator. If there were no alerts it will not show.

Q8: What is the small number on the left hand side of the display?
A8: That's the calculated insulin dose before rounding it off. It is not showed when you have chosen to not round off, unless it goes below 0 or above Max Insulin Dose.

Q9: From version 1.2 you can have up to three different correction and carbohydrates factors. How does that work?
A9: Many people have different factors for different times of the day. From version 1.2 you can set up to three different factors that we have named Morning, Day and Evening. You can then select from them in the top of the main screen. You can also also set up the calculator to automatically select the factor based on time. In the Factor Times setting you select if you want to have automatic or manual selection. There you also set when the Morning ends (which also would be the start of the Day) and when Evening starts (which also would be the end of the Day).

Q10: I do not use all three factors. How should I set it up?
A10: It is possible to have one, two or three set's of factors. If you only use one set simply set all three to be the same. Then it doesn't matter if you use Morning, Day or Evening factors as they are all the same. If you have two sets of factors, lets say one for morning and one for the rest of the day, you set the morning factor to their value and then set Day and Evening to the value used for the rest of the day.

Q11: If I sleep longer during the weekend, how can I override the Auto setting for the factors?
A11: Simply press on the Morning, Day or Evening and those values will be used (which you can double check by looking at the Correction and Carbohydrates factors in the lower part of the display). So lets say you use Auto settings for the factors and have set that the Morning ends at 10:00 (10:00 AM). This morning you sleep longer so it is passed 10:00 when you want to calculate your dosis. Simply press on the Morning in the upper part of the display to use the Morning factors. Your Auto setting will return automatically if you sitch to another app, go to Settings or change it back to Auto by pressing Auto in top of the display again.

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