El Scorpio

Be the fastest to select the one and only correct tile
Who is fastest in your family or group of friends

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Fun factors

  • Play with family and friends (up to 4 players) or against 1-3 iPad players
  • Five different board sizes and twenty different picture themes
  • Over 30 achievements to track your progress and make it more fun to play over and over again and compete with your friends
  • Four different board themes to satisfy children of all ages

In El Scorpio you can compete with your friends on who is fastest to spot and touch the shown tile. It's fun for the whole family or to play by yourself against the iPad. It's playable by people of all ages and a good way to learn a toddler how to say the words or use it when learning a new language.

* Currently only in combination with a Game Center account


Did you know?

Playable for small kids as well as adults with five different levels of difficulty

Play against the iPad, humans or a combination

Game Center with achievements

Over 30 achievements for added value and new challenges*

A good way to combine fun with development of fine motor skills and concentration

Four different themes to suit your style