El Scorpio- FAQ

Q1: How do I play El Scorpio?
A1: The goal of the game is to be the fastest to find and touch the correct tile. The tile to touch is shown after a short countdown and you shall find it faster than the other players that can be iPad or human. Simply start by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen.

Q2: What are the numbers in the lower left of the screen?
A2: They show how much time you have used to select the most reasent tile and in total for this game.

Q3: What are the numbers next to the player icons?
A3: It shows the number of games won by the player. It can be reset in the settings view.

Q4: I dont seems to be able to achieve some of the achievements
A4: First make sure you have really met the criteria. Second, many of the achievements are for a single human player against 1-3 iPad. If you have more than one human player they will not count.

Q5: I can not see the Achievements. What am I doing wrong?
A5: When you are logged in to Game Center you can see the Achievements. If you are not logged in to Game Center they are not available.

Q6: I often play when I travel and dont have an Internet connection. Will my scores and achievement still be sent to Game Center?
A6: Yes, your achievements will be reported next time you connect to Game Center.

Q7: How do I play against the iPad?
A7: Open the settings screen (touch the gear on the lower roght hand of the screen). Select at least one iPad as player. The more iPad's you select, the harder it gets.
1 iPad player = Easy, 2 iPad player = Medium, 3 iPad player = Hard.



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