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  • Find new inspiration from the many recipes
  • Built in shopping list functionality
  • Easy to follow recipes from many different countries
  • Information about where in Sweden you can buy your favorite D'Elidas Chili Sauces

With the D'Elidas App you will get new inspiration for nice meals with family and friends from the many recipes. Use it to plan your purchases with the built in shopping list and keep track of your progress in the kitchen by simply marking how far you have come.

Find information about all the spicy D'Elidas Chili Sauces and where to buy them in Sweden and in Scandinavia on the Net.


Currently only available in Swedish


Did you know?

It's free!

Many recipes for beef, fish, vegetables,chicken, soups, salsas and more!

You can use the app as your shopping list and mark what you have at home and what you have bought.

You can mark in the recipe how far you have come making it easy to follow.

It is easy to unmark the whole recipe and shopping list.

It has addresses and phone numbers to all stores in Sweden with ways to show maps from Google Maps.




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