Pocket Watch Tourbillon



If you ever had the feeling that a conversation is a bit to quiet, here you have the solution! Never run out of things to talk about again! Also help you get a job and improve your relationship!
El Scorpio El Scorpio
To win this game you need to have a good eye and sharp reflexes. Be the fastest to select the correct tile. Play against human or iPad players and show that you rule!

We bring you a super fast and fun game to your iPad. Try to finish the labyrinths on time while staying in the track. It can be harder than it sounds! Are you up to it?
WorldTimer Themes
If you have family, friends or business abroad this is the perfect app for you. It shows local time in twenty four timezones at the same time. It also comes with themes for Formula One and Stock Exchanges. Be on top of the timezones! For both iPad and iPhone.
D'Elidas Recipe Collection
If you are in love with spicy food, we have a perfect collection of recipes for the best Chili Sauce; D'Elidas! It also comes with rich information about your favorite sauces and a shopping list functionality.

Pocket Watch Tourbillon Pocket Watch Tourbillon
This is something for the real watch enthusiast. With functions inspired by the finest mechanical watches you will find a real Tourbillon, Minute Repeater and Sonnerie together with practical functions like time zones, alarm and stop watch.

My Rosary
An App for those who do their daily rosary and want something special that will always be with you. Unique features and stunning artwork makes it a supreme choice for the modern believer.
Insulin Dose Calculator Pro
With this App you will speed up your calculations and increase accuracy for your insulin dose. Easy data entry and user friendly settings make this a must have for people with diabetes and their caretakers .




Latest News

Oct 22
TalkCards, or how to never have a boring conversation again, is now available.

July 28
Our second game is out,
El Scorpio. Can you beat the iPad and your friends?

Oct 27
We are proud to present our first iPad game! Labby! We hope you all will enjoy it.

June 9
Our first iPad app is ready! The WorldTimer Themes will help you keep in touch with contacts abroad. It also works on the iPhone.

Dec 20
Just in time for Christmas we are happy to give you a free collection of recipes for the spicy D'Elidas Chili Sauces

Dec 6
We have updated our site to better support the Swedish version of Insulin Dose Calculator Pro

Dec 1
Interested in time? Pick up the Pocket Watch Tourbillon in the App Store

Aug 21
Version 1.2 of Insulin Dose Calculator Pro is now available

Aug 20
Our new App My Rosary is ready and available in the
App Store

Aug 10
We now give discount on volume purchases to Education Institutions in the USA on all our Apps

Jul 20
A new version of Insulin Dose Calculator Pro is now available

Jun 14
Insulin Dose Calculator Pro has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store